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Bin Rental Service

Bin Rental Service

Are you looking for bin rental service?

At Trash King we work with you to find a custom garbage bin rental solution that works for both your budget and your timeline. Whether you need a bin rental for an afternoon or a month, our bin rentals and garbage disposal services are perfect for you.

If you are a contractor building a new home in a residential neighborhood, then our mini bin rental services might be a better value if space and parking is limited. The footprints of our minibins are often the same size as a vehicle and can be placed safely on the driveway, alleyway, carport or street.

Do you need a permit to park your bin rental on the street?

We get asked this question all of the time and it really depends on the municipality. Some cities have bin rental parking restrictions where permits are needed and certain timelines must be followed. Some of our customers can only have bins until 3pm and then the parking space turns into a lane for traffic during rush hour. We totally get that your bin rental service needs to be something that you can count on to pick up the phone when you need them to come and pick up the disposal bin and not just when they take your payment. It’s a common problem when you hire a bin rental company that their sales department is readily available and able to place your bin rental order. But, when it comes to picking up your bin, often you get a message machine or an empty response that involves several days of waiting for the pickup of the bin to occur.

We offer residential bin rental services to homeowners, tenants, and estates. We can recycle wood, cardboard, soil and concrete, also we take your other materials to the transfer station for garbage disposal.

We offer industrial bin rental services to factories, warehouses and corporations that produce garbage during their day to day business operations. We haul everything from trade off cuts, lumber, corrugated cardboard, metal and computer parts to plastics and moldings from production lines and specialized equipment.

Our commercial bin rental services are perfect for retail stores, restaurants and other smaller enterprises that create small amounts of waste for disposal on a regular basis. We haul everything from food waste and cardboard recycling to clothing racks, old inventory and other accounting write offs and stock room cleanouts.

The next time that you are looking for a bin rental service company, call 604-433-5865 and find out the Trash King difference. Ask about our same day bin rental services where if you call before 10am, we will drop off a garbage bin before days end guaranteed.

Bin Rental Service

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