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When you need a sample part or product prototype machining is an excellent method for producing anything from a single one-off part to a famil yof parts designed for a working assembly.

cnc milling & turning

Using our high-speed state-of-the-art CNC milling & turning machines we are able to produce a wide range of precision custom-machined parts for a variety of industries.

short run production

CT&F has established a process to complete Short Run Production parts to meet the shorter lead times and quality specifications of our valued customers.

tooling & fixturing

Regardless of your Tooling and/or Fixturing needs, CT&F has the experienced team to complete your project to your required specifications.

production machining

With over 26 years experience and approximately 30 CNC Machines in-house, CT&F is more than equipped and capable at satisfactorily delivering Long Run Production jobs to our many customers. In fact that is what we specialize in!

mechanical assembly

CT&F offers limited mechanical assembly to aid in the completion of certain projects for our valued customers.

In addition to our standard machining services, we offer a number of others, including:

Wet or dry surface grinding


Heat treating

MIG, TIG, and acetylene welding

Part inspection

Basic sheet metal fabrication

Helicoil and other small component installation or assembly

Glass bead blasting

Anodizing and other finishing

Vibratory deburring

We are proud to be able to offer quick turn-arounds and short lead times. Contact us about your project and we will let you know how we can assist.

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