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Brand New, State-Of-The-Art Equipment From Keyence

Keyence LM-X Multi-Sensor Measurement System

Introducing the Keyence LM-X Multisensor Measurement System – a revolutionary solution designed to address numerous measurement challenges with unparalleled efficiency. This advanced system not only streamlines the measurement process but also ensures accurate results. Fast, easy to set up, and remarkably precise, the LM-X stands as a single tool that transforms the way measurements are taken.

Taking “place and press measurement” to new heights, the LM-X system features a built-in low-pressure touch probe, elevating 3D inspection capabilities for three-dimensional parts. Equipped with an ultra-high resolution 20-megapixel CMOS sensor, it enables high-accuracy image measurement, while a multi-color laser facilitates precise height measurement. This innovative system excels in measuring top, side, and angled surfaces with remarkable accuracy, even for small and lightweight targets, eliminating the need for fixing jigs.

The Keyence LM-X Multisensor Measurement System stands out as a transformative solution, highlighting a remarkable 5 times faster measurement than conventional models. Its user-friendly design ensures ease of use without requiring programming knowledge, making it accessible for operators of all skill levels. Elevate your measurement processes with the LM-X – where speed, precision, and simplicity converge to redefine multi sensor measurement technology.


The Keyence XM-5000 CMM is a game-changing solution for Custom Tool & Fabrication, enabling our team to better serve our customers with enhanced precision and efficiency. This advanced Coordinate Measuring Machine boasts cutting-edge optical measurement technology, allowing for non-contact measurements with sub-micron accuracy. By eliminating the need for tactile probes, it reduces the risk of damage to delicate workpieces, a crucial advantage in industries like electronics, medical devices, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing. The XM-5000’s rapid data acquisition and user-friendly software streamline the measurement process, significantly reducing inspection times. This efficiency boost enhances Custom Tool & Fabrication’s productivity, enabling them to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality products with confidence. Its versatility, accommodating various part sizes and geometries, makes it a versatile asset for both small-batch inspections and high-volume production. Ultimately, the Keyence XM-5000 CMM empowers Custom Tool & Fabrication to elevate their precision and quality control, ultimately better serving their customers’ unique needs and requirements.
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