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CNC Machining

Prototyping Services

Need a tangible representation of your concept? CNC prototype machining provides a precise and efficient solution. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece or a series tailored for a functional assembly, our services can bring your ideas to life.

We believe in giving you the most authentic experience. That’s why we use genuine materials—whether it’s aluminum, steel, brass, or plastics—and trusted production methods. This approach ensures that your prototype mirrors its eventual performance. While 3D printing has its merits, we prioritize CNC milling and lathe operations, as real-world materials often reveal vital insights about a part’s viability.


  • From Vision to Reality: Transition smoothly from an idea to detailed models and, finally, a tangible part. Need assistance with design? We’ve got you covered.
  • Pre-Production Testing: Create initial prototypes to verify compatibility and functionality between parts.
  • Enhanced Manufacturing: Optimize and refine the production process of an existing component.

GOT A CONCEPT? Bring us your sketches, existing blueprints, or digital models. We’re here to suggest the best production method and craft your prototype. Reach out today to discuss your vision or request a complimentary quote.

Production Services

When precision meets scalability, the results are unparalleled. At CT&F, we don’t just stop at prototypes. Our CNC production services seamlessly transition your validated concepts into full-scale manufacturing, ensuring that every piece matches the high standards set by your prototype. Crafted with diligence and advanced CNC machinery, our production capabilities encompass a range of materials, from aluminum and steel to brass and plastics. We believe in harnessing the latest techniques while ensuring the timeless quality and finish that CNC milling and lathe operations are known for. WHY CHOOSE CT&F FOR CNC PRODUCTION?
  • Consistency is Key: Leveraging our prototyping insights, we ensure every manufactured part mirrors its prototype in accuracy and quality.
  • Bulk Orders, No Compromises: Whether you’re looking for a limited production run or mass manufacturing, our facilities are equipped to handle varying volumes without compromising on precision.
  • End-to-End Solutions: From initial concept and design assistance to prototype creation and final production, we provide a comprehensive manufacturing solution tailored to your needs.
  • Cost-Efficiency: With our optimized CNC processes and skilled team, we ensure competitive pricing, resulting in value-added production for your projects.
READY FOR MANUFACTURING? Whether it’s a fresh concept or a product evolved from our prototyping service, we’re poised to deliver. Contact us to learn more about our production capabilities or to obtain a detailed estimate.

Cnc Milling Services

Unveiling the future of machining with CT&F’s advanced CNC milling solutions. With our blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, we curate precision-crafted parts tailored to a myriad of industries. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGES:
  • Speed & Consistency: Our computerized systems ensure swifter outputs with an unmatched uniformity in every product.
  • Dynamic Operations: With multi-point cutting and drilling tools spinning at a formidable 20,000 RPM, we sculpt a diverse range of materials into intricate designs, from chamfers and threads to pockets and slots.
  • Specialized Processes: High-speed milling, boring, reaming, and tapping are just a few of the specialized operations our CNC mill can perform, adjusting in up to four axes based on your specifications.
  • Doosan NHP5000 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Mill: With a 50hp spindle and dual-pallet system, this machine maximizes productivity, minimizes downtime, and ensures precision, catering to larger batches with impeccable consistency.
  • Upcoming Doosan DVF5000 5-Axis CNC Mill: Get ready for enhanced multi-dimensional milling with even greater precision. Ideal for intricate designs, this machine will elevate our capabilities to new heights.

Design your vision with CAD software, detailing every specification.

Transform this vision using CAM software, making it CNC-compatible.

Precise setup of the CNC mill ensures impeccable machining.

Production commences, with inspections at every stage for unerring accuracy.

Though CNC offers unmatched precision and scalability, the charm of manual milling remains. For designs with unique specifications or when you seek cost-effective solutions for prototypes and limited batches, our seasoned operators deliver using manual milling.

OPTIMIZED SOLUTIONS FOR YOU: Whether it’s the advanced CNC milling or the nuanced manual approach, our goal remains consistent – to offer the most efficient and precise solution for your project. Discuss your requirements, and we’ll guide you to the best fit. Reach out now for a tailored quote.

Cnc Turning Services

Elevate your machining experience with CT&F’s state-of-the-art CNC turning solutions. Harnessing the capabilities of our high-speed lathes, we deliver precision-turned components tailored to diverse industries, ensuring a confluence of speed and accuracy. KEY FEATURES:
  • Precision & Consistency: Our computerized systems maneuver single-point cutting tools along the X and Z axes, ensuring the workpiece evolves into its desired diameters and forms.
  • Dynamic Capabilities: Beyond turning, our machinery can bore, face, groove, and thread-cut, delivering a finished part that meets every intricate specification.
  • Ideal for Complexity: Suited for cylindrical, tubular, or round parts, our CNC turning excels in crafting external and internal features like bores, grooves, tapers, and threads.
MEET THE DOOSAN PUMA 2600SYB II: Our new gem, the Doosan Puma 2600SYB II Dual Spindle Live Tool, revolutionizes turning:
  • One Operation Completion: No more multiple machine transfers. Achieve a fully machined part in a single go.
  • Barfeed Mastery: An industry-leading capability of feeding 4.15″ bar stock through the main spindle, enabling larger workpieces without compromising precision.

Envision and design with CAD software, capturing every nuance of the desired component.

Transmute this design using CAM software to a CNC-ready program.

The meticulous setup of our CNC lathe ensures every detail is honored.

Production commences, with continuous quality checks to ensure perfection.

While CNC turning stands out for its precision and repeatability, the allure of manual turning is undeniable. Our manual lathes shine in crafting detailed and bespoke components, especially for designs requiring a hands-on touch. Whether it’s a one-off piece or a small batch, our experts might recommend manual turning for its efficiency and finesse.

GUIDANCE & EXPERTISE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: At CT&F, we pride ourselves on offering holistic solutions. Share your requirements and we’ll advise on the most efficient machining approach for optimal outcomes. Connect with us for a custom quote tailored to your needs.

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