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Keyence XM-5000 CMM

The Keyence XM-5000 CMM is a game-changing solution for Custom Tool & Fabrication, enabling our team to better serve our customers with enhanced precision and efficiency. This advanced Coordinate Measuring Machine boasts cutting-edge optical measurement technology, allowing for non-contact measurements with sub-micron accuracy. By eliminating the need for tactile probes, it reduces the risk of damage to delicate workpieces, a crucial advantage in industries like electronics, medical devices, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing.

The XM-5000’s rapid data acquisition and user-friendly software streamline the measurement process, significantly reducing inspection times. This efficiency boost enhances Custom Tool & Fabrication’s productivity, enabling them to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality products with confidence. Its versatility, accommodating various part sizes and geometries, makes it a versatile asset for both small-batch inspections and high-volume production. Ultimately, the Keyence XM-5000 CMM empowers Custom Tool & Fabrication to elevate their precision and quality control, ultimately better serving their customers’ unique needs and requirements.

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